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Celebrating the Completion of Our Support Staff Leadership Programme

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This week, our support staff leadership group gathered at King Ecgbert School to celebrate finishing their year-long professional development course, and to present their conclusions to their colleagues.

They shared their insights and experiences from a journey that covered essential topics like self-evaluation, goal setting, coaching, work-life balance, delegation, team building, handling difficult conversations, and AI.

The programme concluded with a valuable placement phase in various schools, offering hands-on learning experiences.

Congratulations to all participants for their hard work and dedication!  Thanks to Claire Pender and Paul Haigh for running this course, and we look forward to seeing it return again next year.

Some of the feedback received included:

I appreciated having time away from the office, without interruption, for some really worthwhile CPD.

The sessions were diverse and an interesting mix of presentation, written work and discussion. 

I really enjoyed the course content.  It was nice to feel that the Trust is investing time in support staff and not just teaching staff.