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Pete McKee Opens New Design Studio at Nether Edge

We are thrilled to announce the exciting inauguration of the new Design Studio at Nether Edge Primary. Capital funding provided by the Trust has allowed for the successful transformation of an outdated classroom into a dynamic and inspiring creative space, enabling students to engage with the art, design, and technology curriculum like never before.

To celebrate the grand opening of the Design Studio, the school organised a memorable ceremony in the company of the renowned Sheffield artist, Pete McKee. 

During his visit, Pete McKee spent valuable time interacting with the pupils and teachers. He explored various classrooms, offering valuable insights and conducting an inspirational masterclass on sketching natural materials, including captivating demonstrations featuring pinecones. The Year 6 students were fortunate to have their art lesson within the state-of-the-art studio, where Pete showcased his exceptional drawing techniques using innovative technology.

The school hall underwent a stunning transformation, serving as a captivating art and design exhibition. This extraordinary showcase featured extraordinary creations by the talented Art Ambassador students. With great pride, these students guided VIP guests through the exhibition, leaving everyone in awe of their exceptional artistic talents.

Pete took the time to explore the entire exhibition and was genuinely thrilled the team presented with a remarkable canvas created by one of the school's talented young artists.

Reflecting on his visit, Pete McKee shared his thoughts:

So many schools have been told to put Art to the side, but this school hasn't. Nether Edge Primary is saying Art is front and centre, and it's so joyous to see. It's so wonderful to have been embraced by this incredible welcoming school. Their artwork is really impressive - far better than I could have done at their age!

Headteacher Michele Nott said:

Nether Edge Primary is absolutely honoured to welcome the famous Sheffield artist Pete McKee to open our fantastic new design studio today. The design studio is hugely important to our provision at Nether Edge. It is going to allow our pupils to be really creative in an inspiring and accessible space. The developed space will benefit all our pupils, who are ALL artists.

At Mercia Learning Trust, we take immense pride in supporting initiatives that enhance the educational experiences of our students. The newly opened Design Studio represents our commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering the artistic talents of the next generation.