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Speak Out Challenge Winner at Newfield

We are proud to announce the exceptional showcase of public speaking skills demonstrated by students from Newfield School at the prestigious Speak Out Challenge organised by Speakers Trust, a renowned national organisation. This event, aimed at empowering Year 10 students in developing their public speaking abilities, witnessed an impressive display of talent and eloquence.

In January, a total of 60 students from Newfield participated in the training provided by Speakers Trust. Throughout the programme, they honed their public speaking skills under the expert guidance of experienced trainers. As the training concluded, the students presented their final speeches, which were assessed based on their content, delivery, and overall impact.

Following the initial round, the most outstanding performers were selected to deliver their speeches in a special assembly, providing the entire school community with the opportunity to witness their exceptional oratory skills. Among these standout participants, Lewie displayed remarkable talent and emerged as the winner of the Newfield Speak Out Challenge.

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In the next phase, Lewie recorded his winning speech titled "The Human Superpower," which was then evaluated by a panel of judges. The panel consisted of distinguished professionals from the field of public speaking who meticulously assessed various aspects of the speeches. From numerous exceptional entries, only 12 competitors were chosen to advance to the final event held at the esteemed Carriage Works in Leeds.

Lewie, representing Newfield, rose to the occasion and delivered a captivating speech, impressing both the audience and the judges. Despite facing tough competition from highly talented students in the Yorkshire region, Lewie secured an outstanding third place in the overall competition, a testament to his dedication, hard work, and undeniable talent.

Donna Lee, Assistant Headteacher at Newfield, commended the Speak Out Challenge organised by Speakers Trust, emphasising the positive impact it had on the participating students. She stated,

This event provided so many of our students with the opportunity to realise they had a voice. Speakers Trust was incredibly supportive in helping our young people gain confidence in public speaking and discover talents they never knew they had.

For the winner, Lewie D, the Speak Out Challenge was a life-changing experience that uncovered a previously untapped gift. Lewie expressed his newfound passion, saying,

The experience opened my eyes to a talent I never realised I had. Now, I aspire to pursue a career in public speaking. 

Lewie's journey serves as an inspiration to all students at Newfield, encouraging them to explore their talents and pursue their passions.

We extend our congratulations to Lewie and all the students from Newfield who participated in the Speak Out Challenge organised by Speakers Trust. Their dedication and remarkable achievements are a testament to their exceptional abilities and the unwavering support they received from both the school and Speakers Trust. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and eagerly anticipate witnessing their continued success.