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Support Staff Middle Leader CPD Programme

Mercia Learning Trust proudly continues its mission to empower middle leaders within our schools through our comprehensive training program. This week we held a session on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education, led by Ben Merritt, Head of Modern Foreign Languages at King Ecgbert School.

As part of our year-long course designed to cultivate leadership skills and foster personal growth, sessions like these provide invaluable opportunities for support staff to enhance their capabilities. From time management to conflict resolution and now, exploring the dynamic potential of AI, our programme covers a diverse range of essential topics.

The AI session, which addressed common misconceptions, explored practical applications, and facilitated meaningful dialogue, exemplifies our dedication to staying at the forefront of educational innovation. It's just one facet of the enriching experiences we offer to our middle leaders.

We extend our gratitude to Ben for his insightful contribution, and to all participants for their active engagement. At Mercia Learning Trust, we remain committed to nurturing the next generation of educational leaders through continuous learning and growth opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates on our dynamic training programme.