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Welcoming Neil Miley as CEO in Sept '24

Mercia Learning Trust is thrilled to share the news of Neil Miley's appointment as our new CEO, beginning his role in September 2024, following Chris French’s retirement.

With an extensive background and a proven track record in transformative leadership, Neil brings a wealth of educational expertise to our trust.

Currently serving as the Deputy CEO at Dixons Academies Trust, Neil has demonstrated his commitment to educational excellence and innovation. His leadership style aligns seamlessly with our vision for the future of Mercia Learning Trust.

Neil began his educational journey in Leeds, rising through various teaching roles to become a lead advanced skills teacher in mathematics. His dedication to educational excellence has left an indelible mark on his leadership approach.

In reflecting on his experiences, Neil shared,

My career has been shaped by a commitment to fostering a dynamic educational environment and empowering others to succeed.

Notably, as Principal at Dixons Kings Academy, Neil spearheaded a remarkable transformation.

Through a strategic approach focused on improving teaching quality, student engagement, and community involvement, we transformed the culture.

Neil is enthusiastic about Mercia Learning Trust's operating model of 'aligned autonomy.'

This approach allows us to harness the unique strengths of each school, creating a richer, more diverse educational experience for all our students.

His commitment extends to building an environment where every voice is heard, and every member of our trust feels valued.

I firmly believe that individual autonomy, coupled with a sense of collective responsibility, is crucial in fostering a connected and dynamic educational community.


Our journey together will be one of collaboration, innovation, and shared growth.

Mercia Learning Trust is a successful multi-academy trust of 3 secondary and 4 primary schools in Sheffield. Many of the schools are considered to be sector-leading, and two have been on significant improvement journeys. Under Chris French's robust leadership since 2018, Mercia Learning Trust has made substantial progress in recent years and is in a very strong position.

In the coming months, we look forward to inviting Neil to engage with our schools, taking part in meetings with leaders, and participating in the annual conference in February.