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Review of Term 1, 2021-22

A review of Term 1 2021-22 for Mercia Learning Trust.

We can all agree on the fact that this term has again been one of the most demanding terms our schools have ever experienced.

As a team, we have risen to the challenge and steadfastly steered our schools focusing on 5 clear priorities:
Behaviour, Attendance, Curriculum, Personal Development, and Vulnerable/SEND children.

We look forward to 2022 and new term as we look towards further strengthening these priorities, and are reminded of Mercia Learning Trust's mission:

"Working as individual schools, and in partnership, our singular intention is to ensure every pupil, whatever their background, will attend an exceptional school. We believe pupils should enjoy school, feel safe and fully supported, be inspired to learn, develop character and aspiration, and realise their full potential. We are so committed to pupil success and wellbeing that we choose to think of every pupil we serve as if they are our own, and to measure our actions and impact against this."

Chris French, CEO