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'Trailblazing Women' Career Coaching

A group of female trailblazers from schools within the Trust have been taking part in a bespoke training programme on how to develop as strong female leaders of the future.

Celebrating women in the organisation, Mercia Learning Trust's career coaching programme, 'Trailblazing Women', is well underway. 

Female colleagues from any of the six Trust schools have signed up to a 6 month course which gives them the opportunity to explore and further develop their potential as leaders of the future. The focus is on personal development, leadership and communication skills, and the psychology of leadership. 

As well as a series of high quality workshops, the course also allows for career coaching with female leaders from other educational settings. 

In support of International Women's Day, our trailblazers posed for this photograph highlighting the #EqualforEqual campaign. Funded by the Equality and Diversity Fund, the provision of this training and personal development opportunities demonstrating the importance the Trust places on career progression of our trailblazing women.