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Statutory Documentation

GDPR Statement

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy and data protection regulation in the European Union effective from 25th May 2018.

The GDPR imposes new obligations on organisations that control or process personal data and introduces new rights and protections for EU citizens.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and we strictly adhere to the provisions of all relevant Data Protection Legislation, including GDPR, ensuring all personal data is handled in line with the principles outlined in the regulation.

Executive Pay

Since 1st September 2020, it has been a requirement for trusts to publish on their websites, in a readily accessible form, the number of employees whose benefits exceed £100k, in £10k banding, for the previous year ended 31st August. For this purpose, benefits did not include employer pension contributions.

However, in Academy Trust Handbook 2021, benefits have been re-defined to include employer pension contributions, and so this will bring more senior executives into disclosure. 

Academy Trust Handbook 2021 suggests that trusts may wish to display this information in a tabular form with columns for salary pension, etc. 



Excluding NI & Pension

100k +


110k +


120k +


130k +


140k +


150k +


160k +


170k +


180k +


Total Employees



School Admissions

All schools in Mercia Learning Trust use Sheffield City Council to deal with all admissions. 

Click here to access the Sheffield City Council school admissions page.