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The original founding school was King Ecgbert 11-18 Secondary School in Dore, Sheffield, which was graded by Ofsted as Outstanding in 2013. Subsequently, a multi-academy partnership formed with Nether Edge and Totley feeder primary schools (both judged to be Outstanding by Ofsted in 2015), Further partnership with Newfield 11-16 Secondary School (judged to be Good by Ofsted in 2017) and Valley Park Primary occurred soon after.

The trust is currently growing. This is the result of expansion at Totley Primary School (to become two form entry); and the opening of a brand new secondary school, the Mercia 11-18 Secondary School, in 2018. Pupil numbers will therefore increase from approximately 3600 pupils to close to 5000 by 2024.

The trust is committed to further sustainable growth with partners who share its mission and moral purpose.

Why was the Trust named Mercia?

Finding an appropriate name for a trust can be problematic. However, in our case, local history provided the perfect solution...

The name of the trust is a historic reference to the location of King Ecgbert School in the village of Dore (now a suburb of Sheffield). The name Dore (derives from the same Old English root as door) signifies a 'gateway' or pass between two kingdoms.

Local rivers, the Limb Brook in Dore, the River Sheaf (which the city of Sheffield is named after) and Meers Brook (which flows in front of Newfield School) mark a historic boundary between the old Anglo- Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Deira (later Northumbria).

Image by Gregory Deryckère

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (a history of the Anglo-Saxons originally created in the 9th century) contains the earliest written record of Dore. It records that in 827 (more likely 829) the King of Wessex (who had already conquered the kingdom of Mercia) led his army to the village of Dore to receive the submission of King Eanred of Northumbria. This established, for the first time, lordship over the whole of Anglo-Saxon England.

It can therefore be reasonably argued that Ecgbert became the first king of all England and that our schools and trust are located along the historic border of Mercia at a place where this historic event took place.