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Joining Our Trust

We are a coherent cross-phase 2-18+ primary and secondary school partnership located in the south and south-west of Sheffield.

Mercia Learning Trust has:

  • A shared mission and values to ensure excellence for every child and the communities we serve
  • A reputation for excellence and leading high performing schools in a wide variety of contexts
  • A strong track record of school improvement and expert practice

Schools in Mercia Learning Trust have:

  • Robust school improvement support and challenge led by experts
  • Commitment to individual school identity, leadership, and governance, but also best practice and greater alignment
  • Exceptional professional development and career progression
  • Exceptional partnership working practices
  • Robust and effective governance at all levels
  • An emphasis on being outward facing and are committed to further improvement

Mercia Learning Trust's exceptional central team offers support with:

  • Exemplary financial management and financial position security
  • High quality estates management and substantial annual investment in capital improvement
  • Expert IT support and substantial annual investment in infrastructure, security, and devices.
  • Access to robust Human Resource practice, and support for workload and wellbeing
  • Marketing, promotion and design work

If you would like to talk to us about our Trust, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via