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The trust has a detailed Improvement Plan that directly links into each School Improvement Plan. All  plans are agreed with the CEO and Board, have trustees and governors assigned to key facets, and are monitored very closely. 

For 2018-19 our trust plan is focused in five areas: 

  1. Ensure all current schools are on track to operate at or remain ‘outstanding’ by 2021. Each school is on its own improvement journey; and this priority is focused on the delivery and impact of individual school improvement plans, and how the trust can support and accelerate required improvement. 

  2. Design and implement a curriculum framework to underpin our approach to curriculum design, teaching and assessment, to maximise student outcomes; and capture best practice and research evidence. 

  3. Implement key aspects of the Mercia Pledge. 

  4. Develop the impact of central teams to improve efficiency and liberate senior staff to focus even more on standards. 

  5. To create a sustainable growth plan.