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The trust has a detailed Improvement Plan that directly links into each School Improvement Plan. All  plans are agreed with the CEO and Board, have trustees and governors assigned to key facets, and are monitored very closely. 

Given the current challenges our 2020-21 trust priorities are to:

  1. Navigate a sensible and sustainable path for the Trust through the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Ensure challenge and support secures necessary but differentiated school improvement.
  3. Further build the culture & identity of the trust, and benefits of partnership & alignment.

School priorities are slightly narrower than usual, and we are trying hard to balance the obvious operational and safety challenges, against the need to sustain and improve each school.  The 2020-21 priorities are to:

  1. Retain operational effectiveness with a strong focus on routines, attendance, behaviour, support for the most vulnerable, delivery of the curriculum, pupil progress & safety.
  2. Drive school improvement with a specific focus on the implementation and impact of the curriculum.
  3. Provide a robust remote learning offer and monitor its consistent delivery to those that need it.
  4. Plan for & respond to the changing impact of Covid-19.
  5. Secure staff & student well-being & the sustainability of current plans.