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Wellbeing / Workload

We recognise the direct link between positive mental health in schools and successful educational outcomes. The Trust promotes wellbeing for everyone in our schools. We are keen to reduce staff workload and develop more tangible staff benefits.

Our Trust Wellbeing Framework serves as a benchmark for our schools.



  • All staff are valued as individuals within a culture of tolerance, trust and openness 
  • All staff are valued as outstanding professionals and experts in their field  
  • All staff are recognised for their positivity and contribution to the school 
  • All staff are treated equally, consistently and fairly, with dignity, whatever their role
  • The Trust's Leave of Absence policy is underpinned by principles of wellbeing 


  • Staff workload (effort v impact) is considered in all decisions to promote healthy work/life balance for all
  • Staff wellbeing is considered when planning school calendars and meeting cycles
  • Schools are committed to PPA and continued protection of directed hours including the ‘rarely cover’ agreement
  • Senior staff lead by example to build a culture which promotes wellbeing


  • There is a whole school approach to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Each school will have a mental health champion
  • Regular and high-quality professional training will be offered to support the wellbeing of staff and students
  • School appraisal systems take into account staff wellbeing
  • Behaviour systems in schools support teachers to get on with teaching
  • QA processes consider the wellbeing of staff
  • Staff members are consulted on key decisions which affect them


  • All staff are supported in their emotional wellbeing
  • All staff feel listened to and heard
  • All staff have access to career conversations
  • Staff are encouraged to communicate their wellbeing needs and concerns
  • The Trust promotes positive and respectful relationships between staff


  • The Trust shows a commitment to physical health and wellbeing for all staff
  • Physical needs of staff are considered and met